Thank you so much to all the candidates and voters that participated in this year’s elections! We were so impressed with the quality of all candidates this year – thank you to all those that ran.

We are delighted to announce your new 2018/19 Exec:

President: Varun Sood
Vice-President: Soumya Shukla
Treasurer: Julien Vermeersch
Secretary: Jessie Lam
Head of Marketing and Communications: Dimitris Apostolopoulos and Rohan Jain
Talks Coordinators: Rory Kilpatrick and Greg Tucker
Charity Coordinator: Lucy Vincent
Ball Coordinators: Angli Pindoria and Shanmukan Sritharan
Tour Secretaries: Guarav Dewan and Caleb Hall-Paterson
Social Secretaries: Montana Craven and Junaid Khan
Careers Coordinators: Karan Pandanda and Ben Randhawa-Hiscock
Editors of Assumptions: Jeremy Chen and Marcin Scicinski
Sports Coordinator: Akshay Dhir

Congratulations to the winning candidates!

Here’s to another great year!