Warwick Economics Society offer its members a platform to meet, socialise and build their network through hosting a wide range of popular social events every term.

Regular Socials

Our society has proved to be at the forefront of providing social events that have created incredible memories in the lives of our members, something that we will continue to do over the coming year. At Warwick Economics Society, we encourage our members to have a well-rounded university experience and do so by striking a key balance between academic work and socialising.

In the coming year, we will continue to provide members with a vast array of social activities to take part in, alongside the society’s academic and professional facets.
We will organise socials such as a Christmas meal, paintballing and bar crawls, which allow our members to relax, socialise and bond with each other; aiding their cohesion and integration and creating a welcoming and amicable atmosphere in the society.

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Economics Ball


Warwick Economics Society hosts one of the largest and most spectacular annual balls at the university. The event typically includes a drinks reception, followed by a three-course meal, with music, entertainment and plenty of photo opportunities. Each year, there is a highly anticipated and unique theme to add a twist to what is already the top formal occasion on campus. Over 300 guests attended our ‘Night in Las Vegas’ in 2017, held in a stunning repurposed art-deco theatre, and our ‘Night Under the Stars’ in 2018, held at the truly distinctive Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The balls takes place in February each year and provides magical and unforgettable nights to its guests. 

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