Sports are a big part of Warwick Economics Society and are a great way to keep fit and expand your network, no matter what year you are in.

Sports Events

Sports at Warwick Economics Society is focused at integrating members into the society in a fun, competitive and social way. We are committed to excellence with our many teams playing a range of sports that occur regularly – be it netball, football or any other number of sports being brought up this year.

Our 4 football teams compete in the Intermural Leagues, battling against other societies at a range of levels based on different abilities. We run frequent training sessions that allows for continuous team improvement and has resulted in regular success in cup competitions and our netball team finishing runners up in the 2018 Championships.

Joining the society team is a great, fun way to play the game and socialise without paying the fees and taking up as much time as a sports club. We work closely with the social, marketing and charity branches of the society as sports is intrinsically all of these things.






  • Meet new people from all years
  • Productive break from work
  • Warwick Economics Society has been successful every year
  • All matches on campus
  • Each team plays once a week
  • More relaxed and less time consuming than a university-level sports team
  • Much cheaper than a university level team
  • It’s fun!

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an absolute baller – come and join in!